Customer Focus and Innovation

Customer Focus and Innovation, the shape of things to come.  This week Apple announced two new iPhones, a new software update (iOS 8), the Apple Watch and a revolutionary mobile payment system.

These new products come about as a result of customer focus. Apple did its homework in researching what customers wanted—a larger and higher resolution screen in their smart phones, a smart watch that is stylish to wear and loaded with features, and a mobile payment system that promises to mitigate hacking of credit card information. The innovation-with-customer-focussharp minds at Apple are employing the latest digital technology to make customer wants reality. In doing so, Apple solidifies its market leadership position, enhances its growth and heightens its ability to innovate to bring forth products people go crazy about, waiting in lines for hours and days to get a chance to buy the latest Apple creation.

While document imaging and information management customers usually aren’t found standing in lines stretching for blocks to buy the latest, you certainly appreciate solutions that provide ease of use, accuracy and security in helping you gain operational efficiency and productivity in managing information.

Customer focus and innovation in digital technology drives what we do. We’ve grown our distribution channel to provide Ambir Technology products and solutions to more customers in more places. We test our offerings against the best in the industry—most recently our MobileScan Pro 500 won the Edison Award Silver Medal for Computing, being applauded for its innovation.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing innovative and exciting products and solutions that you just may go crazy about.



Information Management Via Accurate Document Mgmt

I have had the good fortune to publish an article about document and information management in the August issue of ImageSource Magazine. In the article, I take the long view, of issues your business, practice or organization needs to consider when developing strategies for using and managing information.

The lifeblood of your business is managing, sharing and using information, expertise, and know-how. Establishing the right information management strategy for you depends on a number of factors.

Here’s the link to the information management article.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me. Happy reading!

Information Management


ECM Relationship To Benefit Partners and End Users

Last month, Ambir Technologies announced that we’ve entered into a relationship with NewWave Technologies, a national distributor of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies. NewWave is distributing Ambir’s complete line of digital capture and document management products and solutions.

NewWave offers Ambir Technologies products
This announcement is big news for Ambir Technologies. As a nationally recognized distributor for ECM products and solutions, NewWave is a leader in bringing the right products, solutions and support to its highly regarded channel of resellers, integrators, independent software vendors and dealers to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements in effectively managing and using business critical information.

McKesson InSight 365 Conference, 2014

Ambir Demos New Medical Office Technology at McKesson Insight 365

Without a doubt digital technology is dramatically changing how medical records are created, captured, managed and used to the benefit of patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals require efficient, accurate and secure ways for digitizing the patient intake process and processing electronic medical records to meet meaningful use requirements.

More to the point, digital technology is providing healthcare professionals benefits in added efficiency in processing patient intake information, including their insurance information, increased productivity for office staff and more time to spend with their patients!  Ambir’s new products improve patient experience, delivering documents and signatures directly into McKesson Technology Solutions for physician offices.

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Card scanners or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ditch the Copier

If you own or work at a medical practice, chances are you’ve got a point of admissions area or reception desk. Hopefully, you’ve hired a friendly face who greets patients and clients with a smile and helpful expediency. They make them feel at ease. Maybe they offer coffee and a welcoming assurance that someone will be with them shortly.  Continue reading


Customer support done right.

This is a simple story, but one that isn’t told very often: a story about a positive customer support experience.

Demetrius Robinson is an Ambir customer.

Quite some time ago, Demetrius purchased an Ambir scanner. It worked well for quite some time, and the purchase seemed to justify itself. But one day, something went awry, and the scanner quit working. Demetrius didn’t know what had happened, so he searched the internet for blogs, which proved unhelpful, and drivers, none of which were the ones he needed.
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